Thursday, March 26, 2009

Plan Your Marketing Today and Earn Forever


Kenth Nasstrom
Affiliate Marketing

Most people starting with online marketing work hard to decide what to do next. Each day is filled with problems, decisions and obstacles that must be overcome to reach a level of success where sales and extra money begin to flow.

Lack of knowledge, money and resources most often results in things being done in a last minute fashion.

As a result, the marketer will never benefit from the synergy effect a planned marketing can bring him.

Stop Crisis Marketing

Marketing based on solving problems as they arise will not lead to success very fast. Problems will, of course, be in your way every now and then, but they can be reduced by planning. The faster you begin planning your efforts, the faster you will profit from it.

Plan and Document Your Way to Profit

An old saying from chess is, "better to have a bad plan than no plan at all." This goes for marketing as well. A plan, however simple, will let you do a number of things, one after the other with a clear purpose. Once you have a purpose with what you do, you can make logical connections with other plans you have.

Here's an example.

You create a mailing list with a number of emails talking about dog training (because you saw a nice dog-training product you want to promote). You also work on a new site about golf (as you have heard people saying how much money can be made from golf as a niche). Finally, you write several articles about internet marketing to get your name out there.

Let us break it down a bit. There are three niches targeted. Dog training, golf and internet marketing. None of the three niches are directly connected and none of the work done can be used outside its own niche. As you evolve and create more sites, more mailing lists and a more diversified portfolio, you will find more ways to re-use work. However, when starting up this will not help you get anywhere.

Instead, set up a site in a niche, write articles related to the niche and create a newsletter/auto responder series also related to the niche. All of it works together towards the same goal. This way you can profit from the synergy effect from having three parts of a complete marketing plan working together.

Know What You Already Have

Equally important is to know what you have up and running. If all your marketing efforts have been documented, you will find connecting them together for increased profit will become much easier. Inventory and Planning.

If you already have marketing campaigns running, products online and newsletters or auto-responder setup, now is the time to make a complete inventory of everything you have going on.

Once you know what you have, your next step is to decide how to best use it as well as what the next step will be. This can be new investments, new domains and sites or simply re-doing parts of what you already have up and running.

Study methods like these and you have a much better position in the online marketing war.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get The Fastest Way To Rank In Google With Zero Hassles - Zero Obstacles - Zero Limits


Having a good ranking on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN is crucial to the success of our websites or blogs.

Out of the hundreds of factors that search engines use to determine page rankings for different sites, inbound links is one of the most important.

Inbound links are simply other sites that are linking to yours, and the more quality inbound links you have, the higher your page ranking with search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The simple fact is that the more inbound links you have pointing to your site, the more important your site looks to search engines, and the higher they will rank you. And, the higher your rank, the more quality visitors you will have to your site. Triangular LinkCampaign Technology was created for site owners just like you that need search engine traffic, but can’t get it on their own.

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How Does It Work?

Our Quality Real Links are generated on low traffic time. This way your website will receive up to 6 links randomly every day, so that your links grow slowly. This is the best method for SERP improvement. Growing your links slowly over time will ensure that the search engines give much more credibility to your site.

Nothing on your site will link back to There will be absolutely no trace of our network on your site. It will look as if you manually added the links yourself. Only you will know that you used our easy and FREE system, and that you didn’t spend countless hours responding to link requests.

All of our Quality links come from different domains owned by webmasters with their own IP’s. This ensures that your links are spread worldwide in a natural flow. Search engines like to see links that are real and natural, and that’s just how your links will be using the Triangular Link Campaign Technology.

You will be in complete control over the look of your link campaign. You can even add your own header and footer code to make your campaigns match your websites current look.

The best part is, it’s EASY - FUN - FREE!

Once you have your link campaign set up, it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to upload a php or asp file on your server, link to it from your websites main index page, and Voila! You’re on your way to receiving High Quality Inbound Links!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Learn How To Boost Your Credibility and Visibility Through TwitterFeed


by: Nancy Marmolejo

Twitter can be both an amazing marketing tool and an exhausting pursuit of keeping up with the constant stream of new "Tweets". Not everyone has the ability nor the desire to stay plugged in 24-7. If that sounds like you, then you'll love this great tool that allows you to maintain online visibility and stay relevant with fresh content.

TwitterFeed is a site that allows you to import any RSS feed into your Twitter stream. Through a simple set up, you can automate the process to bring high quality content to your Twitter stream. I suggest you start off with your own blog to let people know what you're publishing. Then you can find other blogs, podcasts, or anything on an RSS feed that offers complementary content. Because Twitter can be connected to so many other social networking sites like Facebook or FriendFeed, it doubles as updates to all those sites too.

Save yourself time and boost your credibility with these simple steps:

  1. Go to and open an account. You will need to create something called an OpenID which is a secure way of logging in to TwitterFeed. Follow the directions on the site to get that part set up.
  2. Once you've gotten a TwitterFeed account, click "Go to My Twitter Feeds or Create a New One". When you click on Create new feed, select Twitter from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your Twitter username and password. For example, my Twitter name is NancyMarmolejo, so that is what I enter. It's the name that shows up next to your picture on your Twitter stream.
  4. Enter your blog's RSS feed. (If you don't have one, go to and follow the instructions to get one).
  5. Select how frequently you want it to search for new posts and whether you want it to have a short statement before each post, for example "New blog post:"
  6. After you get yourself set up, start importing the RSS feeds of other blogs you love. Pick content that supports your credibility as an expert. For instance, let's say you like my blog and want to share those posts with others. You'd put my RSS feed into your TwitterFeed. Create a prefix that says "Retweet @NancyMarmolejo" to credit the source. (Do this with any feed you bring in from the outside. It's good Web 2.0 karma!)
  7. Look at ways you can use TwitterFeed to create community, support clients, and continue as a top name in your field. I like to import feeds that have to do with social media, good business advice, trends, and time management. Find the right balance for you!
Twitter is a great PR tool and using TwitterFeed allows you to maintain a high level of online visiblity . . . without adding any time to your busy schedule. Give it a try and watch how easy it is to stay visible!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

How you can Start Making Money from Internet Marketing with Less Than $100


by Mandeep Anand

There is no smarter way to make money online than internet marketing, not just because you can make a lot -and I really mean a lot- of money, but you can do that with little or no money in your pocket.

There are many ways to approach the internet marketing business, and some of them involve paying for advertising like Google Adwords and other similar PPC services.

However, there are many ways to market online without the need for you to spend a dime in advertising while still reaching a great number of targeted prospects for whatever you are selling or promoting.

This means that you can put together a very efficient marketing operation where all your earnings will be profits. However, the downside of the free internet marketing methods are:
  • You will not attain immediate results. Internet marketing through article marketing (one very effective free technique), will take some time to deliver results, but make no mistake, it will.
  • It will take some work. Free methods usually involve building a network of content throughout the internet that will slowly start driving traffic to your site. This is a slow process, but has the advantage that once you have a huge network in place it will stay there and will keep driving traffic to your site forever.
  • It will take some studying. It is not enough to spread a lot of content over the internet, you also must learn how and where do you need to place that content in order for you to achieve actual results. Therefore, you need a source of knowledge which can be found in several good internet marketing courses.
Therefore, in order for you to make money from internet marketing you really do not need money, as the only essential that will demand an investment is your internet marketing education, which you can access usually for less $100. After that, all can be achieved with zero money in your pocket.

Now, how much can you honestly make from internet marketing using free marketing techniques?

If you take your time to learn and work consistently and systematically for a 3 month period you might well be putting an extra $1,500 - 2,500 per month in your pocket by the 3rd month, and by the 6th to 12th month you could be making a very relaxed living from your internet marketing operation. It all will depend on the kind of program or system you use and the dedication you put into building your business, so choosing a truly useful internet marketing course is crucial.

Believe me, internet marketing is a fascinating business in which you will always keep discovering new ways to make more and more money, all you need to do is start, and from there you will only go forward.

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