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How To Get Clients To Buy Your Products and Services In This Market


by: Kendall Summerhawk
Small Business Coaching

The number one question I'm asked in every interview I give is, "Kendall, HOW do I get my clients to buy my products or services in this market?"

First of all, I have both GOOD news and even BETTER news for you. The good news is that this problem IS solvable IF you know how to wisely position yourself and your services.

Even BETTER news is that by brushing up on a few simple skills right now you'll actually make your business stronger than ever, which means that as the economy begins to turn around, you'll be sitting pretty.

So what do you do when your clients seem to be clutching tight to their purse strings? Well, what you're NOT going to do is panic. In fact, I recommend taking several deep breaths because you need to be clear headed, creative and focused.

Your clients haven't stopped searching for help in solving their problems, they've just gotten a lot choosier in WHO they select. They're also expecting some extra attention and service, which, using my marketing tips, will be a snap for you to provide, without breaking your budget or requiring you to burn the midnight oil.

So let me help you out here by sharing THREE simple secrets for getting clients to choose YOU as their solution so cash and clients flow steadily into your business.

Small Business Secret #1: Focus Your Client Conversation On The "What" And The "Why" - NOT The "How"

Okay folks, I'm not going to pull any punches here. If you're talking to your prospective clients about HOW you work, you're going to lose them. This is your opportunity to brush up on your "values based" conversation skills.

What this means is a full 98 percent of your prospective client conversation is focused on WHAT the problem is they want to solve, WHAT the solution is they want to see and WHY it's important to them.

Here's a great question I love to ask (from my "7 Money Mindset and Pricing Strategy Secrets" home study course):

"So tell me, what's the problem you REALLY want to solve?" followed up with, "And how do you know that's a problem?"

Yes, these questions sound simple but I promise they'll help you uncover the rich, juicy information you need to help get your clients focused on YOU as their solution . . . and keep you from getting side tracked talking about features.

Small Business Secret #2: Add In Additional Services and Bonuses

Clients are expecting either discounts or deals right now. Sure, you won't make quite as much by pampering your clients but you WILL make more sales.

This is not the time to penny-pinch! Going to extra lengths for your ideal clients will secure their business. Look for where you can add additional services and bonuses they'll value. Even better, choose items not dependent on your time (such as gifts, books, samples, templates or even services provided by a complimentary vendor). This way, you'll be the hero without working harder.

Small Business Secret #3: Keep Your Money Flowing Too

Money is like water -- it needs to flow or else it damns up, stagnates and goes septic. Ugh!

If you want your clients to spend their money with you, YOU need to be a model for spending your money with others. Period. Now, I'm not suggesting going into debt. But what I AM recommending is you continue to invest wisely in your business.

Yes, I know that right now can seem like a scary time to let loose of some funds but truthfully, it's the people who invest in learning HOW to improve their business who will still be IN business, stronger than ever as the economy turns around.

Plus, on an energetic level there is no way you'll get prospective clients to invest with you if you're not walking your talk. The trick is to invest in products and services that add VALUE to your life or business. Once you practice this for yourself, you'll understand first hand what it feels like so you can authentically guide your prospective clients to do the same.

My Platinum clients understand this principle well and are experiencing some of their best months ever.

In upcoming articles I'll share with you how to pay attention to the clarity of your message, how to create a clear "brand personality" and how to create packages focused on solving the problems your clients WANT solved.

In the meantime, focus every client conversation, marketing article or presentation you have this week on WHAT problem your prospective clients want solved and why it's important to them. By doing so you'll be creating a values-based conversation with them that's much more likely to turn into a new client for you!


david at web design agency glassslipper April 10, 2009 at 5:27 AM  

Thanks for this tip. Absolutely spot on. We do a lot of telemarketing and we're training our staff to focus on what problems we are trying to solve for our propects. This focuses the conversation on working together as a partnership rather than a typical sales call.

Marketing Degree April 15, 2009 at 2:59 PM  

Good tutorial... Thanks for detailed description in 1-2-3 style.. very informative post!!

Sales Process Outsourcing May 5, 2009 at 5:15 PM  

All the three simple secrets are worth .. Too much of talking also bring out some bad effects!!

Child Health Club June 3, 2009 at 7:59 PM  

It is true that clients are expecting some offers and deals now... They are attracted by your speech.. mainly

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